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Christmas 2015

~~It seems to me that Christmas is many things.  It is a time of joy, a time of family, a time of faith, and a time of peace.  Above all, though, I think Christmas is a time of hope.  And that got me thinking about what ‘hope’ means, and I decided that maybe it’s about a desire to see dreams realized.  Then that got me thinking about which people have the brightest dreams.  And then I figured that young people have the brightest dreams.  And then I got a little sad.  I got sad because young people inevitably turn into middle aged and old people, and often those people have very fuzzy, very faded dreams, until often, the dreams twinkle out completely, and are gone.  I don’t want to live in a ‘dreamless’, or ‘hopeless’, world.  But it is up to me, and you, and everyone, to rekindle lost hope.  I know this sounds a little philosophical, but be honest with yourselves.  Is life what you thought it would be, when you were too young to worry?  I hope the answer is yes, but I know in many instances, it’s not.  My dreams were not realized.  Neither the Tigers nor the Pistons wanted an undersized, underathletic  shortstop or point guard.  I don’t understand why.  Shoot, I’d play for a million dollars a year.  Think of all the money they’d have saved. 
 What I like about young children is how they aren’t cynical and jaded and angry.  I love my kids, but I hate that they can no longer be protected from the harshness of life, the seemingly unfair circumstances that they experience every day.  But ‘that’s life’, people say.  “Life is hard, life is unfair”.  I guess.  But life is also awesome.  It’s every morning not knowing what might happen that day.  It’s the tulip that pops out through the dirty snow, to signal the end of winter and the start of spring.  Is the light at the end of the tunnel really a train coming at you, or might it be the radiance of innocence, of a baby, maybe a baby born to bring us ope?  A light to shine through the muck of poverty, and sickness, and despair, and hopelessness.  Let hope be your gift this Christmas.  And remember your dreams.  

Merry Christmas.  May God bless you,

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