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Pet Dental Health Month

I hope this email finds you all in good spirits and good health.  I may have set a personal record this year for getting frustrated by winter earlier than ever.  The older I get, the colder I get, but at least I don't mind wearing goofy looking clothes to keep me warm.  My teenage kids seem to not notice the cold when they are outside, discarding coats, wearing shorts, etc.  It's funny, though, that they complain about the inside temperature being too low...something about their dad being 'cheap' and not turning the thermostat up high enough.  Fortunately (and I thank my 25 year marriage for this), I've gotten pretty good at tuning family members out while they are complaining.  It's a husband/dad survival tool.

Many of you have congratulated me on the Spartan's Rose Bowl win.  Thank you.  I'm not sure they could have won without me!  I changed clothes 3 times during the game, finally got the right combination, and now will wear it for every important game.  I hope it's not another 26 years before we go again.  It's fun that both MSU and UM are good at basketball again, too.  Of course, it's more fun when we win...


 The actual reason for this email is to make people aware that February is Pet Dental Month.  Every year I write about the dangers of periodental disease - liver and kidney dysfunction, heart disease, lung problems, gum pain, sinus infections, etc. Many of these are preventable with good dental care. We have attached a video to more clearly demonstrate these principles.  The video is only a few minuted long.  Please watch it.    

During February, the cost of dental cleanings will be reduced by 10%.  I know that is not a huge savings, but it's something.  The idea is to heighten peoples' awareness of the insidious nature of periodental disease.  Because we don't check out pets' mouths daily, these problems seemingly sneak up on us.  Take a minute to look in your dog's or cat's mouth.  Is there tartar on the teeth?  Is there redness of the gums?  Is there an odor from the mouth?  If the answer to any or all of these is 'yes', please schedule an appointment to let me look, or call to schedule a dental cleaning.   

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